who we are

Kennet is an experienced growth equity team with a track record of building global market leaders and achieving high-value exits.


Michael Elias
Managing Director, London
Hillel Zidel
Managing Director, London
Cillian Hilliard
Director, London
Alex Taylor-Harris
Director, London
Jonathan Hewitson
Chief Financial Officer, London
Michael Chan
Financial Controller, London
Edward Blayney
Finance Manager, London
Jamie Bird
Associate, London
Anila Repaj
Operations & Investor Relations Manager, London
Gillian Skendaj
Executive Assistant, London


Javier Rojas
Managing Director, Silicon Valley
Eric Filipek
Managing Director, Silicon Valley
Regina Riojas
Associate, Silicon Valley
Olivier Verhage
Vice-President, Silicon Valley

Bootstrapping and Capital Efficiency

At Kennet we talk a lot about ‘bootstrapping’ and capital efficiency. 

We like companies that have been built with little or no outside capital – where growth has been underwritten by real customers. 

Bootstrapping a company is hard. It requires a compelling product that customers love, strong gross margins, and an efficient go-to-market strategy. 

At Kennet we work with founders who have successfully built their companies in a bootstrapped way, but are ready to take the next step – to accelerate the growth of their businesses.
More on bootstrapping

We are Founders at Heart

When Kennet purchased a majority stake in Impartner, Founder Craig Flynn was thrilled to sell some shares for the enormous effort it took to build a $5M business with no money. 

He was in no way finished. 

He got back to work building a market leading SaaS company. We celebrate Founders and augment their capabilities with people and resources that work to make their residual equity valuable.
Impartner case study

Everyone has networks to tap and introductions to make. We think ours are different.

We have been building our executive advisory network long before we found you. We likely already know your next Chairman, board member or CEO. 

We have a deep executive network given our history. Example: Kennet met Pete Daffern a number of years ago and came away highly impressed with his management talent and was determined to work with him. Kennet stayed close to Pete Daffern over this time and he is now the Chairman of Kennet V portfolio company Eloomi, an HR player focused on talent management. By identifying and tracking superior talent we help create superior outcomes.
Meet the Advisory Board

We use our own software to source and support companies.

We augment traditional sourcing methods with data science to automate the process. 

Scott Harris, Founder and CEO of SocialSurvey (Kennet V), was pleased to learn on our first call that he made our hot 100 automated list of the fastest growing, capital efficient private SaaS vendors in the Bay Area.

SocialSurvey now uses our SaleSavant software to assist them with vertical pipeline development and target marketing.
More about SaleSavant

WE are global

With offices in London and the Bay Area we are uniquely structured to assist companies with International expansion particularly businesses looking to scale in the US.

 The SaaS business model has enabled regional European businesses to access bigger/broader markets with capital efficient sales/marketing programs.

 We understand it and are ready to assist you in taking the next big jump here or there.