Olivier Verhage

Vice-President, Silicon Valley

Olivier Verhage, Vice-President, Silicon Valley

Olivier’s experience includes growth equity investing and M&A as well as operational experience as the founder of a VC-backed SaaS company.  

Prior to joining Kennet in 2015, Olivier worked in technology M&A at Capitalmind and as an IT project manager. He took a break from investing in 2018 and co-founded a SaaS startup after which he rejoined the Kennet team in 2020.

Olivier was involved with Kennet’s investments in Rimilia (robotic process automation SaaS, acquired by Blackline), CrossBorder Solutions (tax compliance SaaS), Redica Systems (healthcare analytics SaaS), and currently also sits on the board of Intelepeer (communications voice platform, CPaaS).

Olivier holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Groningen and a Masters Degree in Corporate Finance from City University, London.

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