For founders

Kennet is an experienced growth equity team with a track record of building global market leaders and achieving high-value exits.

Here’s what our approach to growth equity investing means to the businesses we back.

We avoid ‘over-investment’

Our investments are commensurate with your company’s cash needs. Founders do not become over-diluted and so retain significant upside potential.

We play a long game

The ‘hits’ model may work for the investor who has a diversified portfolio, but it creates big risks for entrepreneurs. We are patient investors who work for the big wins but expect all our companies to do well.

We invest in your specific growth plans

We tend to fund specific growth opportunities with calculated returns, such as scaling up sales teams or entering new territories. We are experts at working with you to identify the investments with the biggest impact on the value of your business. Less speculative investments means less risk for founder equity.

We tailor our investment to your needs

We have flexibility in how we structure deals. Including helping founders get liquidity, putting new cash in to the business, buying out early investors, financing management buy-outs or buy-ins and providing cash for acquisitions. See our Deal Glossary.
What we bring to the capital-efficient, or ‘bootstrapped’ company

A partner to tackle challenges

We work with you not as a financial investor but as a partner to achieve a common goal. Often this means leveraging our experience in relevant companies. It also means that you’ll find long-term support for your growth objectives, and patient understanding when things don’t always go as planned.

A track record of success

We have significant experience in helping innovative companies become category-leaders and in working with entrepreneurs to get disruptive technologies to global markets in the most efficient way.

An understanding of sales dynamics

We can help determine the right distribution strategy for your offering, how to optimize and measure sales team productivity and where to apply industry best practices. The key is knowing how and when to scale up a sales force with incremental investment.

A helping hand to cross the Atlantic

Our presence and experience in Europe and North America help our entrepreneurs from either side leap across the Atlantic and beyond. We operate as a unified team, investing from a single fund, to ensure the success of every investment. Our insight is not theoretical, it’s practical and based on our experience as managers and as investors in market-leading firms.

A clear path to a high value exit

Just like you know how to package and sell your company’s product or service, we are experts at positioning and selling your shares to the capital markets. We know how to define market opportunities, enhance business models, and develop partnerships to maximize high exit values. We win by helping you win big.

Expertise in building top-quality teams

We have close partnerships with the best recruiters and a wide network of tech industry relationships around the world for your key executive and non-executive positions.

A network of great relationships

Be it senior executives, board members, advisors, business partners, acquirers or acquisition targets - you want a partner that can connect you where it makes a difference. Our deep industry relationships in the US and in Europe are a big asset to our entrepreneurs.