Aarohi developed next-generation storage components and processors, used by systems suppliers such as McData Corporation to provide new intelligent storage platforms. The company was acquired by Emulex (NYSE:ELX) in 2006.

No Wires Needed provided IEEE 802.11b-compliant wireless LAN (WLAN) technology and products, including innovative solutions for residential wireless-to-broadband gateways. The company was acquired in June 2000 by Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq:ISIL).

Altitun developed and manufactured tunable semiconductor lasers for use in optical networking applications. The company was acquired in May 2000 by ADC Telecommunications Inc (Nasdaq:ADCT) for $872 million.

SEQUANS Communications is the leading leading 4G chipmaker, supplying LTE and Wimax chips to equipment manufacturers and mobile operators globally. Sequans’ chips currently enable the world’s largest WiMAX networks and will soon be driving leading LTE networks.

Chipidea is a leading provider of analog/mixed-signal semiconductor intellectual property and associated services. The company was acquired by MIPS Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: MIPS) for $147 million in August 2007. See Case Study.

STS is the leading provider of ‘plug & play’ real-time wireless chipsets for consumer audio applications. It offers a superior digital and radio silicon platform that supports the complete range of wireless products including home, portable and automotive applications. The company was acquired in June 2010 by SMSC (NASDAQ:SMSC).