Jiminny is a conversation intelligence platform designed to empower sales teams and improve performance by recording, transcribing, and analysing conversations.

Fluid Topics operates in the content delivery market, offering a Content Delivery Platform (CDP) focused on technical content publishing. Their platform transforms content from diverse sources and formats into a unified knowledge hub, accessible through multiple channels.

Screendragon is a work management platform that sells to agencies and enterprise marketing teams. The platform helps connect distributed teams and streamline complex workflows to help curate and deliver content to their end customers.

eStoreMedia provides product manufacturers with a complete suite of SaaS products for navigating the fast-growing e-commerce channel. eStoreMedia expand the global e-commerce opportunity for trusted brands and consumers, by reducing complexity, and setting new standards in automation, research, content management, and collaboration technologies.

LoyaltyLion powers loyalty programs for stores on all major ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. Using LoyaltyLion increases customer lifetime value and unlocks real insights that make customers feel valued rather than like they are just another number.

Nudge provides a SaaS platform focused on enhancing the financial wellbeing of individuals. Nudge is addressing a rapidly growing demand for wellbeing solutions as employee wellbeing becomes a higher priority for organizations due to the increased pressures of working from home, the uncertain macroeconomic environment, and strains on many employees.