Lluís Font has a vision for making IT simpler about using Web technologies to automate the management of IT infrastructure, reducing and carbon footprint of enterprise IT departments.

With NTRglobal's enterprise-grade Service (SaaS) for remote systems management he is driving revenue momentum for the industry around the globe. Under his leadership NTRglobal has increased its revenues (MRR) by a factor of 7x between 2005 and 2007.

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Founded in 2005, BuyVIP is already the largest pan-European private buyers' club. With Gustavo García Brusilovsky at the helm there is a continual drive for improvement that has helped to contribute to the company's current growth trajectory of 300% per annum.

Gustavo talks about some of the lessons learned in corporate marketing and in earlier ventures, and how his learning has been applied at BuyVIP.

Edward S. Marflak’s vision is all about transforming communication in K-12 education, for all parties. It has inspired him to lead the charge to develop a suite of online products and services now being used by thousands of schools, and millions of students, parents, teachers and administrators across North America.

Ed has also created a business that grades itself against a detailed set of metrics, and has built a highly capable team.

Jana Eggers has an impressive track record translating technology into business. She joined Spreadshirt in 2006 to run the North American subsidiary, and to support the global operations in marketing and product management. In September 2007 she became global CEO.

Individualized apparel and the creative platform for creating it is an emerging market, and one that Jana is determined to win.